WD Stone No.20a, Willsworthy (Unnumbered, Recumbent)

Steve Grigg writes: “At Deadlake Head. Dave Brewer’s story of the missing WD 17 stone continues at Deadlake Head. He states “In 1988, at the beating of the bounds of the newly created civil parish of Lydford, another stone simply inscribed “WD” was found lying recumbent near to WD 20 (see picture). At first, it was thought that this stone may have been the intended WD 17 at Sharp Tor. However, on closer inspection, not only was it un-numbered but the inscription was quite crude and there wasn’t a ‘stop’ after the W”.

Reference: Dartmoor Explorations

Hare Tor Rock Basin No.1

This oval rock basin was first noticed by Eric Hemery’s younger daughter. He writes: “it measures 4 feet 10 inches long, 1 foot 7 inches wide at centre and six inches at greatest depth.