B.M. 0929.8, SW facing, Blackaton Cross (Not Located)

Notes: According to Nigel Machin on Dartmoor 365 Facebook, “It [the cross] was re-erected with the window sill shaft in 1937 so anything marked before that may have been lost.”

Using this information, Max Piper checked two editions of Side by Side maps, the first dated to 1892-1914 marking a B.M. on the cross but a 1937-1961 edition doesn’t, matching up with when Blackaton Cross was re-erected – however, all of the other B.M.s in the immediate vicinity are still marked up to the Trowlesworthy Tors and beyond – so presumably this one’s lost based on this evidence. It couldn’t be located before obtaining this information and likely never will, but it is nice to remember that once upon a time there was one here.

The other side of Blackaton Cross.

Underground Outpouring of Water

Found by Sheron Vowden (Facebook Dartmoor 365). I’ve called it a spring but from the description it may be a ‘leak’ from a leat above? Unsure – will need to investigate! Look for the bushes!