Blackabrook Clapper Bridge (ruin)

Eric Hemery notes this feature when describing the course of the Tavistock-Ashburton packhorse track, which was thought to cross the Blackabrook on a clapper by Fice’s Well to the north: “Robert Burnard, in a paper read to the Devonshire Association at Princetown in 1905, produced evidence to show that from the Cowsic crossing “the track ran straight to Rundle Stone, crossing the Blackabrook by a ford…” Interpreting “straight” to mean ‘direct’, we find ourselves about three quarters of a mile to the south of the clapper bridge – at the point, in fact, where a comparatively unknown ruined clapper bridge lies immediately below the county bridge on the A384.” The A384 is now the B3357.


  • Hemery, E. (1983): High Dartmoor – Land and People, p. 380.