D Datum Pole

Site of; no evidence remaining. Removed in the 1990s. NGR supplied by John Deakins.


  • Deakins, J. (2021): Dartmoor Observation Posts

HOWARD inscribed stone

Acknowledgement: Mentioned by David Phillips in the Facebook Group ‘Dartmoor Information Exchange’; “..I found it tucked in a hole between large rocks on the hillside below High Willhays cairn overlooking Pixies Pool at the head of Red a Ven Brook.”

Note: The current NGR is a guesstimate.

Further Info: “A memorial to the late Howard Woodhouse”.

High Willhays Possible Flagpole Socket?

Notes: Spotted by Max Piper in July 2022. After making a query on the Dartmoor Information Exchange Facebook group, no one seems to have a definite answer as to the purpose of this. Is it something to do with triangulation?

Look on the southernmost outcrop of High Willhays on the ridgeline… it looks like it once supported a flagpole, although no one has any evidence to support this. It’s strange.