West Okement DNP exit

Cross the footbridge from the Okehampton Castle car park to a pretty riverside spot to see where the West Okement exits the DNP

Simmons Park Car Park

This may be a pay and display car park (requiring your number plate), but it is a very modest fee for however long you choose to stay and there is the beautiful Simmons Park a stone’s throw away.

Simmons Park

Simmons Park is a beautiful, large park that is well looked after, enabling circular walks with dogs on gentle terrain or a huge field with plenty of space for a picnic in the summer. There is a car park nearby which although pay and display does not cost very much and is well worth your expense to explore this wonderful place. If you use any of the three footbridges that span the river, you can gain access to the fountain area that is interspersed by ferns in the summer. It is but a long walk into the town centre from here, too.