Langcombe Hill South Boundary Stone, inscribed B L P

Description: This stone is inscribed B L P, much unlike the others that all each inscribed BB for Blachford Bounds. The meanings for the letters on this BS are confusing to say the least. Depending on whether you’re reading Brewer or Hemery, you could be looking at L for either Lee Moor or Lydford and P for Penn or Plympton. Brewer suggests that this stone too has ‘BB’ inscribed with the lower of the two B’s being not visible.

Further Referencing: Tim Jenkinson, Flickr Photostream.

B.M. 1487.7, NW facing (Not Located)

This photo was taken about as close to the original NGR as one can get, but nearby amid the thick tussock there are other rocks that I did take a look at. Sadly nothing was found here.

Reference: Side by Side