Wild Tor Clitter ‘T’ Boundary Rock

Notes: Throwleigh Parish has had a history of claiming a territory that is larger than it is today, and they asserted that they had rights to Wild Tor (Willtor). They demarcated their land by inscribing the letter ‘T’ on boundary rocks in the area around Wildtor Well. ‘TP’ and ‘TP / G’ stones have been found in this immediate vicinity, between which is a further ‘T’, visited when Beating the Bounds (walking the parish boundary) in 2019.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Alan Endacott for supplying the photograph, and to Steve Grigg for supplying an accurate NGR taken on 6th June 2023.

Wild Tor Clitter TP inscribed Boundary Rock

Rob Naylor writes: Guesstimate NGR (of SX 62568 87652) taken from 1923 boundary drawing courtesy of Alan Endacott on Facebook. Boundary stone not yet located for Dartefacts and not noted on maps previously.

Max Piper writes: Updated and revised NGR of SX 62624 87657 kindly supplied by Steve Grigg (2023), as well as the photo.

Alan Endacott writes:I finally got a chance to look through my Father’s old papers, and here is an extract of the map of the Throwleigh parish boundaries I mentioned. It was drawn up in 1923 when my Great Grandfather, Joseph Endacott, and others, including the Vicar, Gambier Lowe, got together to resurrect the lapsed Beating of the Bounds. They rode out to check the bound stones, guided by the written evidence of my ancestor, Jeffrey Endacott, who in 1786, recalled a perambulation over 60 years previously, attended by the Lord of the Manor, William Northmore, and a great number of parishioners. The boundary then included Round Tor (Hound Tor) Will Tor (Wild Tor), a stone in the middle of Willtor Clitter, Willtor Well and the top of Haydon. I hope this helps to clarify the historic bounds.

Wild Tor TP Inscription

Note: ‘TP’ is on the east side of Wild Tor.

Steve Mason, in Dartmoor News, Issue 129, explains that Throwleigh Parish once laid claim to Wild Tor which, as we know, is wholly on Duchy land and within the Forest of Dartmoor. To express their claim and legitimacy, Throwleigh had ‘TP’ inscribed on the east side of the tor. Today, the parish boundary runs to Wild Tor Well from Hound Tor, but it is fun to remember that this dispute once existed.


  • Mason, S. (2012): Dartmoor News, Issue 129, November/December

A photo also appears in Dave Brewer’s (2002) Boundary Markers book.