Stowford Cleave Tor

This is a magnificent crag of non-granite rock above the River Erme and the Stowford Mill Leat.


Treneman’s Basin

Treneman’s Basin is a distinct, rounded hole on a low rock beside the River Erme. Despite its resemblance to a natural rock basin, it is thought to be a mortar stone. A legend is told about the area on the Ivybridge Heritage website.

The basin also featured in Max Piper and Tim Jenkinson’s Dartmoor Magazine article entitled ‘Lesser-known’ Rock Basins, in Issue 140 Winter.

ILB (Ivybridge Local Board) Boundstone, Longtimber Woods

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Tim Jenkinson for the initial details about this stone.

According to Ivybridge Heritage, “What locals know as the ‘Swimming Pool’ in Longtimber Woods, was originally a reservoir supplying clean water to the residents of the village. It was constructed during 1873-74 at the request of the Ivybridge Local Board of Health, taking water from the River Erme. The Local Board included many local businessmen such as John Allen and his sons Edward and John, the owners of Stowford Paper Mill, Francis Holman, owner of Ivybridge Paper Mills, Samuel Head, proprietor of the local tannery and William Mallet, the proprietor of the London Hotel. The responsibilities of the board included the supply of safe drinking water, drainage and sewerage and other matters relating to the sanitary condition of the village. Additionally, it was responsible for the cleaning of the streets, its paving and lighting, maintaining the cemetery and ensuring only safe food was sold by regulating the slaughterhouses. Where necessary, these local boards were required to define the boundaries of their jurisdiction. In Ivybridge, very little time was wasted in positioning carved stones, inscribed with the large letters ‘ILB’, denoting Ivybridge Local Board, around the boundary. One of these stones can be found close to the footpath in Longtimber Woods near the notice board and where Hunter’s path meets the main track.

Longtimber Wood

There are many things to see in Longtimber Wood(s), including the old swimming pool (once a reservoir), Treneman’s Basin, a boundstone and the magnificent River Erme.

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