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Reference: Tim Sandles, Legendary Dartmoor, Gazetteer.

Harford/ Ugborough Parish Boundstone, No.71

Notes: Seriously thick grass here in clumps that would hide any stone. The stone was recorded as missing by Mark Fenlon using Dave Brewer’s knowledge and as of November 2020 the situation hasn’t changed.

Update 03/04/22: Steve Grigg (2022) writes: “On side-by-side (1888 map) I recorded this marker at SX64431 64989. I was there yesterday and recorded a large boulder at SX64431 64985 (so within the realms of measurement errors) and believe the marker is a natural boulder (like a few others on the parish boundary).

I think the boulder is the boundary, as why would a new BS type marker be erected if a natural stone was already there on the boundary?

Photo below kindly supplied by Steve: