Throwleigh Reported Stone Circle (Worth)

Possible circle circa 180 metres north-west of the Buttern Hill circle comprising four or five stones around a fallen standing stone. Recorded by Worth (1894) and apparently seen by the Ordnance Survey in 1950, although the recorder in 1951 could not locate it, this feature has not been confirmed since 1950.

Reference: Dartmoor HER

Important Acknowledgement: Alan Endacott, who is carrying out PhD research into ‘the Prehistoric Ritual Landscapes of North-eastern Dartmoor’. You can follow his dartmoor.archaeology1 page on Facebook. Alan has spent much of his life studying the possible stone circles and rows stretching from Okehampton to Chagford and across the high moor in between, extending south towards Whitehorse/Hangingstone Hills. This is crucial research and, once eventually published, could give us a whole new insight into the ceremonial landscape.

G inscribed stone (454 m)

Another Gidleigh Parish stone but with just a G this time placed next to a pile of stones. Odd that two should be so close together?

The two altitudes listed for the two inscribed stones are way apart – I think the altitude on my GPS needs recalibrating!

GP inscribed stone (461 m)

This stone is situated by a pile of rocks and has the letters GP (for Gidleigh Parish) inscribed on it.

Pixies’ Door (404 m)

Only opens on a moonlit night. Don’t step inside.

A flat slab embedded into the steep slope above ‘Pixies’ Parlour’.

Rumour has it that if open this leads to the Pixies’ subterranean world. A place not meant for mortals.