Cantrell Gate Parking Area

Notes: A very useful parking area (once you’re passed the narrow lane fraught by potholes), giving quick access to Western Beacon and the Redlake Tramway. The parking area was resurfaced with gravel so that lower vehicles wouldn’t get into any potential trouble on the uneven ground.

Ruined WWII Buildings below Western Beacon

Notes: Beside a levelled track are these ruins, likely WWII related given the nearby destroyed observation post is, but it may also be a former building used to aid china clay transportation (though because the tramway and pipeline are well below this is unlikely). There are foundations seen in the ground nearby which suggests that this structure was quite large, and because it was probably constructed out of concrete and not granite assuming this is WWII evidence doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Small Row of Stones, below Western Beacon

Notes: There are at least two stones positioned in a line here, upright and most probably not natural. Unlike the more prominent example up on the North Moor by Little Tor which is likely to do with military activities, this area of the South Moor does not boast that history and therefore begs the question why are these two (or more) stones so conveniently placed as to resemble a tiny stone row hidden in gorse? To help with listing, I have listed it as such, but it is unlikely given the extensive surveying of prehistoric sites undertaken on Dartmoor. It may even be related to the china clay works that once took place in the vicinity?