B.M. 1097.1, EF (Not Located)

There is a rock smack bang on the NGR fix from Side by Side, but on top rests impenetrable gorse which we couldn’t really lift to look underneath. It is tempting to log this as found because, surely, there HAS to be a cut mark on here somewhere???

Visited by Max Piper and Rob Naylor on Wednesday 16th August 2023.

Reference: Side by Side

B.M. 1142.4, NWF, below Hangershell Rock (Not Located)

Well I can’t find it. Still can’t.

On Wednesday 16th August 2023 Max Piper and Rob Naylor spent AGES looking, but to no avail. There is plenty of rock to inspect and shadows can sometimes hide a cut mark. It is possible that some of the rock here was salvaged by stonecutters.

Reference: Side by Side