Three Barrows Cross (broken)

Notes: Due to the sensitive nature of this cross, it has been decided to omit a 10-figure NGR as some other items of similar type have, over the years, sadly been nicked.

Reference: The NGR, details and photo for this item were kindly supplied by James Daymond. Dartmoor Crosses also list it providing further details.

Is it really a cross arm?

Ugborough Moor

A snow-covered Ugborough Moor on 28th March 2024. Ugborough Moor is separated from Harford Moor by a series of boundary stones – mostly unmarked – between Red Lake in the north and Western Beacon in the south.


  • Sandles, T. (undated): Legendary Dartmoor, Gazetteer.

Odd Rock Arrangement

Notes: Not down as a cairn anywhere obvious. Is this a natural gathering of rocks?