Milestone ‘OKEHAMPTON 5’ (Not Located)

Does this one still exist?

The old A30 here was realigned so, really, this milestone was beside the old, old A30. As a result, it is possible that the milestone was removed or placed elsewhere, but we may never know.

BB Inscribed Stone, Old A30 near South Zeal

How to Find: North side of the old A30. Be very careful here as this road can be busy.

Notes: Did Belstone Bounds ever come this far east? There is a benchmark on the stone. Unlike the nearby 5 milestone this stone very much exists and was cleared of vegetation by Paul Rendell (2024).

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Paul for these images.

South Zeal Telephone Box

This is now the site of a defibrillator and stands beside St. Mary’s Chapel.

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Mark Ollis for the image.