Blackator Sheep-Wash

Acknowledgement: Approximate NGR and details kindly supplied by Emma Cunis. In February 2023, Emma went looking for this feature which is described in her grandfather’s book ‘High Dartmoor’. The area is not the easiest terrain and in summer is very overgrown.

After enthusing about Blackator Rocks, Eric Hemery writes: “A grey squirrel, outlawed as vermin but still a lovely creature, alarmed by my intrusion, scurried up an old oak above my head, releasing on me a shower of pellets that disturbed two dragonflies at the river’s brink. I watched them fly downstream, in that eccentric and uncompanionable manner that dragonflies have, until they vanished at the old sheep-wash. Here, granite pens lie in ruin on the right bank, and beside them are the funnel-walls of the old wash, forming a miniature river creek.


Brimpts Farm, Ancient Tenement

Notes: Also known as Brymst, Brimpston and Bremstonte.


  • Sandles, T. (undated): Legendary Dartmoor, Gazetteer.