Hickaton Hill Trough No.2

Acknowledgement: A superb accidental find by Jon White, Torbagga.

Presumably abandoned because it’s lost one of its corners?

Possible Boundary Marker on Dean Moor

Notes: This stone does not look naturally placed and, being close to a reave and on the parish boundaries of West Buckfastleigh and Dean Prior, suggests it could be a boundstone, but I cannot find any evidence to confirm this on old maps. If anyone knows or can dismiss this location, please let me know! MP

It looks like it may have an inscription?

Mark Fenlon contacted Dartefacts in February 2024 with the following: “On p.131-134, of Dartmoor Boundary Markers by Dave Brewer, there is mention of the ‘rights’ of Buckfast Abbey on Buckfastleigh and Brent moors. The boundary of those rights is also described. Mostly they follow the current line of the Dean Prior parish boundary and then part of the West Buckfastleigh parish boundary. They describe part of that boundary as a line taken from Pupers to the longstone (Harbourne Man) at Harbourne Head. Your ‘possible’ markers are on that line. You suspect them as being plain (no inscription). A reason for that may be to avoid confusion with the Buckfastleigh BSs that are inscribed with ‘B’. Perhaps they are marked with a ‘cross’ instead. There is some confusion in the written accounts, that Dave Brewer references, of Buckfast Abbey’s rights in that area. Perhaps my theory is wrong, but it might have some substance.


  • Brewer, D. and Brewer, K. (2002): Dartmoor Boundary Markers: And Other Markers On and Around the Moor.