Soussons Mortar Stone

Acknowledgement: Brought to Dartefacts’ attention courtesy of Helen Corbett. This is a mortar stone on the edge of Soussons Plantation.

Paul Glanville adds further information: “It’s a mortar stone, the result of crushing tin ore, there are more mortars on the under side. Was stood upright in the wall until a few years ago.

The mortars would have been formed by a pair of stamps powered by a water wheel in a tin mill. When the mortars became too deep to crush effectively the stone was moved for the stamps to start crushing on a flat part of the stone, again until the mortars subsequently formed also became too deep. This mortar has been known about for years and was recently revisited by the Dartmoor Tinworking Research Group (DTRG). A photo of it appeared on the front cover of one of our newsletters.