Bank Rows, Venford Medieval Farmstead

Here a number of parallel ditches can be found, close to the medieval farmstead at Venford. It is unclear what their purpose was. The afforestation of the area has resulted in the lines becoming inconspicuous.

Outbuilding near Longhouse, Venford Medieval Farmstead

It is unclear what this ruin is. It is an enclosure but it is not very obvious. Was this an outbuilding attached to the longhouse, or a barn of some sort where animals were kept?

This medieval farmstead is in such good condition today because it was cleared over many years by Paul Rendell and other volunteers.

Access Stile, Venford Medieval Farmstead

This useful stile provides access into, or out of, the Venford Reservoir fence which encloses the reservoir. The medieval farmstead is spread either side of the fence.

Workman’s Clapper (site of)

Site of. Washed away in 1965. This was likely replaced with a version of the wooden footbridge that we see today. There are the remains of a sluice gate.


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