Whiddon Down Old Toll-house

The rather imposing tollhouse at Whiddon Down about six miles from Moretonhampstead stands on the north side of the road just up from Tollhouse Cross at SX 691 922. It was strategically built in the fork of a minor road into the village from the A382 and probably dates from the time when the road was first adopted. The two-storey building has been very much extended and modified but still retains its three-sided angle frontage with many windows and has a porch on the north-west side.

Reference: Tim Jenkinson (2007): Dartmoor Magazine Issue 87 Summer: The Old Tollhouses of Dartmoor’s Towns and Villages – Part 1: north and west

B.M. on Bldg, N angle, SE side of road, Whiddon Down

Notes: I had literally just got off the bus and had a benchmark to find, but it wasn’t immediate as here, under the trees, I was in shade and it was only the ‘N angle’ information that actually helped me to locate it. A heavily eroded example but pleased to add it to the collection.

Reference: Parallel: OS Benchmark Archive

Below: It is there (centre of frame)!