Reference: Tim Sandles, Legendary Dartmoor, Gazetteer.

Trips Tor

Reference: On private land but seen from the road below, this flat bedrock was noted on Tors of Dartmoor. It is very tough to see from the road – even in winter! If you wish to get closer you must seek permission from the landowner.

B.M. between Howton and Trips (site of)

Notes: The NGR and details for this item were kindly supplied by Nigel Machin. This benchmark doesn’t appear to be marked on old OS maps so no height has been given, but it does reside beside a gatepost and is an easy spot when approaching from the east.

Whilst the benchmark did exist in October 2020, a revisit in August 2023 revealed that the stone had disappeared out of the hedge, along with the benchmark. This is very upsetting :o(