Primrose Line Bridge

Walking along Portford Lane, we were fascinated by the stone walls on either side of the track.  Very well made and dressed.  Immediately looked like a bridge but the ground was level to either side.  I’m sure all the locals would have known what it was, but it took us a bit of research to discover that this had been a bridge over the Primrose Line from South Brent to Kingsbridge. The original cutting was filled in and levelled.  There must be a nice bridge under there!

Horse Brook DNP exit

Drive from Stidson under the A38 and down to Portland to see Horse Brook emerge from under the A38. Track under A38 on to Crowder Meadow is very rough

Small Mony

Reference: Tim Sandles, Legendary Dartmoor, Gazetteer.

Brent Cross

Brent Cross a medieval cross used as a gatepost to Gallery House near the play area north-west of the roundabout. A tapering granite shaft with a curiously shaped top.

Reference: Dartmoor HER