Stone near Thorn Tree in Bagtor Wall, No.32 in series

Notes: Dave Brewer’s description: “The 1835 Records direct us, from the Blacksmith’s Shop, ‘and thence in a straight line to a stone by a thorn tree near Bagtor Wall’, and then follow ‘the boundary of the old enclosures allowing a deer’s leap on the Bagtor side to the Crownley Works’; in 1853 ‘to a Thorn Tree at Crownley Works’. The stone is a slab lying on the bank of the cornditch wall inscribed ‘B’ and ‘I’ on its upper surface, near a larger than average tree, but not a thorn tree.

SX 7668 7590 given by Brewer, but is probably more like SX 7633 7600.


  • Brewer, D. and Brewer, K. (2002): Dartmoor Boundary Markers: And Other Markers On and Around the Moor.
  • Grigg, S. (2020): Dartmoor Explorations (Not yet found)

Probable Tinners’ Building

Notes & acknowledgement: Following info taken from DTRG website: ‘Recorded by Phil Newman. A probable tinners’ building. An irregular rectangle of 3m by 1.8m with an entrance opening on the S side. The walls are completely turf covered and are all less than 0.3m high. NB possible mortar stone here.’

DTRG Possible Link?

Pinchaford Ball Logan Stone

A crazy omission, says Max Piper. The NGR for this long, flattish logan stone was kindly supplied by Bob Fitzpatrick and rests on the lower end of the main outcrop at Pinchaford Ball, a small tor described on Tors of Dartmoor.