Bovey Pottery Leat Pipes

Notes: As you leave the Lower Falls on the Purple Trail and climb steeply through the woodland on Lungburst Rise, look to your left and notice two huge black pipes stretching down the hillside. These carry water from the Bovey Pottery Leat which, apart from its source to here, is entirely dry. A fee to visit Becky Falls is required and the Purple Trail is the least visited of the trails because of its severe rating. This is therefore a lovely peaceful spot.

Dartmoor HER: “Leat supplying the pottery in Bovey Tracey, running through Yarner Wood. Was dug by the Bovey Tracey Pottery Company (established 1843) from its source near Becky Falls (SX75748003) to Bovey Tracey. Not maintained after the company ceased trading in the late 1950s.

The leat closed in 1957 but in 2016 the uppermost part within the Becky Falls estate was reopened to power hydroelectric turbines for the site. Once used, the water is returned to the Becka Brook through these pipes. Entering Becky Falls from the car park you will cross the flowing leat.

Becka Falls, Lower Falls

Notes: This is within the Becky Falls attraction where a fee is required to visit. Smaller than the Main Falls, but still impressive, this delightfully secluded waterfall can only be seen by taking the difficult Purple Trail.