Ilsington Manor (remains of)

This small part is within the churchyard. Only the foundations remain.

The only standing remains of the manor at Ilsington consist of a section of wall standing in the graveyard of St. Michael’s Church. This was surveyed in 2006 and is thought to represent the west wall of the former manor building, the eastern end of which was completely demolished in the building of the school in Ilsington. The wall had been largely overgrown with ivy but this was removed and the structure conserved following the survey.


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Lime Kiln below Green Lane

Notes: This is a lovely memorial in memory of Dick Wills, found on the north side of the lane a short way below the hamlet of Green Lane. Inside the door lies the remains of a lime kiln, still in situ but somewhat overgrown. An information board tells you about its significance, and this certainly isn’t an artefact you wouldn’t expect to find here, making it a rewarding find.