B.M. 19.6, SE facing, Corner of Market Hall

Notes: This fine specimen is a new one for me, though an intentional find; it lies on the corner of the old Market Hall which has since been extended. This benchmark only just avoided being consumed by the modern building, and I was pleased to find it in such good condition.

Reference: Side by Side

B.M. 46.4, NE facing, Wall near Rose Hill

This one – not where I was expecting it to be located. Looking at the map (Side by Side), I assumed it would be located on one of the large gateposts – but it is actually on the wall, in the middle of it, unusual given they’re so often located on wall corners. All of those walks to/from school; it only took me 5 years to spot it! This area rarely sees sunlight so I put it down to that!

Reference: Side by Side

B.M. 26.3, W facing, Former Church

The building is currently being renovated as of July 2020. Notice the scaffolding in the images.

As of October 2020, this has opened as a museum.

Reference: Side by Side

Hint: bottom left-hand corner.