Friday 13th Jan 2023: R.I.P. Dartmoor Wild Camping

Wealthy landowner Alexander Darwall wins case against national park after arguing right to pitch tent on moors did not exist.

The High Court declared on 13 January 2023 that that Section 10(1) of the Dartmoor Commons Act 1985 does not confer on the public any right to pitch tents or otherwise make camp overnight on the Dartmoor Commons.

Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) encourages anyone who is planning to wild camp to seek the consent of the landowner.

DNPA is not allowed to share contact details of individual landowners on Dartmoor.

I can see this working..

Guardian Newspaper article below:

I may write something here but in the meantime I provide the above link to the Guardian Newspaper article regarding the ban of wild camping on Dartmoor.

Many thanks to Rob Bullen for allowing Dartefacts to publish his illustration.