Some Dartefacts to be Deleted

In our ongoing process to improve the Dartefacts’ Classification system we have identified some important re-classifying required within the ‘rivers, streams, brooks’ etc. classification. This has resulted in a need to delete about 101 duplicate Dartefacts where ‘river’ and ‘head of river’ are co-located. As rivers/ streams etc. are linear features and not identifiable points we will no longer be providing a Dartefact item for these (apart from a few that are Dartmoor 365 items – and then we have used items such as islands to locate). This development will delete a few Users’ ticks – so if you see a sudden drop in your tick numbers don’t panic! We have estimated this ‘tick-loss’ will only effect about 31 Users. The good news is that we will also be adding 195 new items – ‘River Feet’ – which I’m sure a few ‘Baggers’ will be rushing out to collect! River feet are the confluence where a smaller river/ stream etc. meets and joins a more major one. Where a few rivers exit the DNPA boundary we will provide a ‘River Exit’ instead of a ‘Foot’. Most of those Exits are very close to roads and so will be easy bagging! By doing this update every river/ stream etc. will have both a ‘head’ and a ‘foot’ for completeness.