Sponsor: Dartmoor News

Dartefacts is excited to announce that the popular bi-monthly magazine, Dartmoor News, has decided to sponsor the Dartefacts website. Dartmoor News has recognised that our incredible database, listing over 16,000 places of interest, is the most comprehensive collection of Dartmoor artefacts available online – all in one place – that can be ‘ticked off’ by Registered Users. As Dartmoor News puts it “archaeology, tors, crosses, farmsteads, cairns, bridges – you will definitely find something that interests you”.

“Dartmoor News recognises the importance of this website and hopes that its contribution will enable it to progress into the future, so that people can continue to enjoy exploring its many pages”.

Dartefacts has long-relied upon the information contained within the pages of Dartmoor News to add items and facts to its ever-expanding database. It is a pleasure to now be sponsored by such a popular magazine and will enable new website developments and improvements as well as securing the immediate future for this website.


Paul Rendell, of Dartmoor News, has recognised the value of an online resource such as Dartefacts and has kindly decided to sponsor the Dartefacts website. Dartefacts costs money to maintain and without donations and sponsorship the site would struggle to survive.

Paul is so much more than an editor of a magazine, he is a guide, gives illustrated talks and publishes books. His knowledge of the moor is incredible, intimate and unmatched. Paul has been the editor of the bi-monthly Dartmoor News magazine since its inception in 1991; it remains to this day an absolute must-read for all Dartmoor enthusiasts and is packed full of interesting articles and news from all over the moor.

Paul has been leading guided walks since he was 16: his walks cater for all abilities ranging from short strolls to longer treks across the high moor, telling people about the flora, fauna, history, archaeology and myths and legends that Dartmoor is so famous for. In addition, Paul gives talks that cover a wide range of topics from Dartmoor to Cornwall and beyond. Thanks to Paul’s generosity, Dartefacts now has a much more secure future.


Dartefacts has recently gone through a number of quite major technical updates, improvements and bug fixes. It is proving to be quite costly to keep this major Dartmoor resource up to date and functioning correctly. Website technology is constantly evolving and Dartefacts has to keep up with all of these changes in order to stay relevant, useful and working correctly. I am not a coder and so all fixes and updates (such as the recent improvement to 1:25k Ordnance Survey Mapping) all cost money. If you feel Dartefacts is a valuable Dartmoor resource that you would like to see maintained and existing into the future then perhaps you might consider offering a small donation towards its upkeep? There is no requirement at all to donate and I am avoiding adding advertising or any subscription charges at present.

Any donation will always be very much appreciated. A Costa Coffee Americano costs £3 – why not buy me a coffee?