Subscriptions: April 2024

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! 

The Dartefacts website has been in existence now for over ten years and throughout that time it has been a free resource for anyone interested in learning what’s to be found out on those dark, brooding moors.

The original idea for “Dartefacts” was Rob Naylor’s and he has been supported in creating this fabulous website by Max Piper, Peter and Karin Brooks and Peter Kearney. All have brought their own personal expertise and made this popular site the incredible database that it has now become. Unfortunately, although we have a variety of skills, none of the team are expert coders and thus technical work is carried out by a paid Professional Website Developer. To date this work has been funded entirely by Rob. Dartefacts has received donations from people who use the site and that has been appreciated. It has also been grateful to receive sponsorship from Dartmoor News (thanks Paul Rendell!). Sadly, these contributions do not cover the costs incurred in improving and maintaining this valuable resource and so Dartefacts will become a subscription site this April (2024).

A Subscriber to the site will have the same benefits currently enjoyed by a Registered User; 

• Full 1:25 zoom for all Ordnance Survey (OS) maps across the site

• Visible 10 figure OS National Grid References for all Dartefacts

• The ability to tick off visits

• Access to DarteWalks 

Current Registered Users who decide to not subscribe will have their ‘Tick List’ frozen. This means that you can always return, resubscribe and none of your ticks will have been lost.

People who do not subscribe will still be able to view the same content that non-registered visitors enjoy today; with the exception that they will not be able to view DarteWalks.

We will provide further details in the coming months.

Many thanks,

The Dartefacts Team.