SWOS: South West (of England) Ordnance Survey – Bench Marks (and related items)

This page is an exception on Dartefacts. Instead of documenting Dartmoor’s many artefacts and points of interest, we leave Dartmoor to have a look at South Devon’s many Ordnance Survey Bench Marks, the simple aim being to document as many as possible with photos, descriptions and links to Side by Side – the invaluable resource.

South Devon has been divided into specific areas to display the Bench Marks and associated Ordnance Survey items. Click a geographical area below to view:

South Devon Ordnance Survey Items

Exeter Ordnance Survey Items

Exeter B.M.s

Found Exeter B.M.s
Not Located Exeter B.M.s
Not Yet Visited Exeter B.M.s

Exeter Trig Points

Laira Bridge to Yealm Bridge B.M.s

Found Laira Bridge to Yealm Bridge B.M.s
Not Located Laira Bridge to Yealm Bridge B.M.s
Not Yet Visited Laira Bridge to Yealm Bridge B.M.s

Plymouth Ordnance Survey Items

Plymouth B.M.s

Plymouth Barbican B.M.s

Found Plymouth Barbican B.M.s
Not Located Plymouth Barbican B.M.s
Not Yet Visited Plymouth Barbican B.M.s

Plymouth City Centre B.M.s

Found Plymouth City Centre B.M.s
Not Located Plymouth City Centre B.M.s
Not Yet Visited Plymouth City Centre B.M.s

Plymouth Suburbs B.M.s

Found Plymouth Suburbs B.M.s
Not Located Plymouth Suburbs B.M.s
Not Yet Visited Plymouth Suburbs B.M.s

Plymouth Trig Points

South Hams Ordnance Survey Items

South Hams B.M.s

Found South Hams B.M.s
Not Located South Hams B.M.s
Not Yet Visited South Hams B.M.s

South Hams Trig Points

Teignbridge Ordnance Survey Items

Teignbridge B.M.s

Found Teignbridge B.M.s
Not Located Teignbridge B.M.s
Not Yet Visited Teignbridge B.M.s

Teignbridge Flush Brackets
Teignbridge Trig Points

Torbay Ordnance Survey Items

Torbay B.M.s

Found Torbay B.M.s
Not Located Torbay B.M.s
Not Yet Visited Torbay B.M.s

Torbay Trig Points

West Devon Ordnance Survey Items

West Devon B.M.s

Found West Devon B.M.s
Not Located West Devon B.M.s
Not Yet Visited West Devon B.M.s

West Devon Flush Brackets
West Devon Trig Points

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