Walk Themes

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Ancient Tracks

The Mariner’s Way

The North South Track

The Tavistock – Ashburton Packhorse Trail

Beating the BoundsĀ 

The 1240 Perambulation

Beating the Bounds of Gidleigh Parish (GP)

Ten Tors


The 35 Mile Routes (18 Walks)

The 45 Mile Routes (10 Walks)

The 55 Mile Routes (4 Walks)

Follow the Leat

The Grimstone and Sortridge Leat

Railway Line

Zeal Tramway

Pub Walks

Wild Swim Walks

Multi-Day/ Wild Camp Walks

Collecting the Set Walks

The Dewey Hills of Dartmoor

The Trig Points of Dartmoor

Dartmoor’s Reservoirs

Running Routes

The Dartmoor Volcano

The Burrator Horseshoe