Crazywell Pool

Grade:Easy Easy, 0 km / 0 miles, 0 m total ascent

This walk does not enter any of the Military Firing Ranges.


  1. Leave Leedon Hill Car Park by crossing the road and head down the slop to the corner wall of the plantation.
  2. Go through the gap in the ruined wall and then climb over the stile to enter the plantation. This was once a lovely forest/woodland but has quite recently been felled. Follow the earthbank down until you meet the leat.
  3. At the leat find the small granite footbridge and cross this on to the track. Turn left and walk along the track to the gate with the leat on your left.
  4. At the gate there is the ruins of an old farm. Follow the leat past the farm heading towards the Aquaduct. It does not matter on what side of the leat you are as there are plenty of leat crossing points.
  5. Follow the leat upstream and eventually you will meet a bend with a large iron pipe. Continue to follow the leat and cross using the Aquaduct. You will need to be on the left hand side to do this as there is a handrail on that side and no footpath on the right! It is easy to climb across the leat at this point.
  6. After you have crossed the Aquaduct start a steady climb uphill with the stream tumbling down Raddick Hill to your right. Eventually the climb flattens and you arrive at a sluice gate.
  7. Continue to follow the leat until just after the ‘kink’ when you can start to head downhill towards Crazy Well Pool. You should be able to see the pool working just below before you need to start your descent. There is a vague path here but it is not that clear.
  8. Have a break at Crazy Well – it’s probably lunchtime?
  9. You have a choice of routes now. You could drop down from Crazy Well Pool and follow the stream down to the lane or you could head over to Raddick Lane. My preferred choice though is to enter the Plantation and drop down through the trees and hit Raddick Lane slightly lower down. There are some interesting hut circles in the tree cover. The fence and walls all lead you downwards to a corner with a stile and from there turn right and shortly you will see another stile on your left. This takes you into Raddick Lane.
  10. Follow Raddick Lane down and either turn off right to cross a grassy area with a fabulous example of old tin mine workings (wheel pit etc.) or else just follow Raddick Lane all the way down to the junction and then turn right. As you walk down the lane you will meet another junction (this is where you will arrive if you went to look at the mine workings). Continue down the lane to arrive at Leather Tor Bridge.
  11. Cross Leather Tor Bridge and then walk up the track to Leather Tor Farm. Two options here, either cross the stile to walk up the track between the ruins of Leather Tor Farm and arrive at the same Leat crossing point as (3) and then follow the same route back up to the car park. The alternative is to continue along the path and at all wall corner turn right (following the signpost) and follow the edge of the woods and stone wall on your right. This affords stunning views of Leather Tor towering above you. Eventually you will climb up and out of the slope and be able to make your way across boulder strewn moorland and back to the car park.
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