Shavercombe Falls

Grade:Moderate Medium, 1 km / 0.6 miles, 1 m total ascent

This walk does not enter any of the Military Firing Ranges.

The Secret Shavercombe Falls

This can be a tricky ‘secret’ place to find!
This walks starts quite easily with a nice track but there is a river crossing at the end of the track. This can be quite shallow in dry weather but could prove too difficult to cross after days of heavy rain. Navigating to the waterfall is straightforward in good weather (although a compass might help). In poor conditions you will need some navigation skill, such as ‘aiming-off’ to hit the stream below the falls and then follow the stream up to the waterfall gully. The gully itself is very steep and the waterfall is best approached from the south, walking upstream, where there is a vague path heading into the gully.
Do not attempt to walk from above the waterfall down into the gully – this is very steep and in wet conditions could prove dangerous!

1. Start this walk at Gutter Tor Car Park

2. Head S along the track to Ditsworthy Warren Farm (Gutter Tor will be on your right (W).
3. Just below the Farm Ford the River Plym here – it’s quite shallow at the moment due to lack of rainfall, but unless you have good leather boots and gaiters you might want to wear a pair of crocs for this!
4. Follow the track over a leat clapper bridge and then leave the track heading up the slope due E towards Shavercombe Tor and Waterfall.
5. Eventually you will meet Shavercombe Brook – look out for the tops of trees in a deep gully!
6. Depending on where you hit Shavercombe Brook you may have to walk up or down the stream to get to the Waterfall. It’s a good idea to try to ‘aim off’ left (N) to hit the stream lower down (below the falls) and then follow the stream up to the falls as it can be tricky to spot and the waterfall sound can often only be heard when you are right in there.
A bit further on up the stream, above the falls, is a stone with a cross incised onto its surface.
If you have some time still available you could also take a trip to the top of Gutter Tor on the way back to the car park. It has a great rock basin and Worth’s Incised Cuts are also ‘worth’ hunting for! On the way up to Gutter Tor you might even be able to locate Gutter Tor Cross – a granite cross that was only located a few years ago. I wonder what other secrets Dartmoor hides.. and yet may one day reveal to the curious?
This walk should take around 2.5-3 hours there and back, with lunch at the falls and a couple water breaks.
Happy hunting!
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