Tavy Cleave

Grade:Moderate Medium, 0 km / 0 miles, 0 m total ascent

This walk enters the following Military Firing Ranges: Willsworthy

  1. Start by walking uphill on the track from the car park, heading towards Ger Tor. You can see ‘Tavy Cleave’ off to the right.
  2. You will very soon arrive at a small bridge over a leat. Don’t cross the bridge but stay on the lower side and turning right walk now towards the Cleave, following the leat. Keep following the leat as it turns into the cleave. You will come to another crossing point but stay on the right.
  3. Eventually you will arrive at a large pool of water with a step waterfall. This is known as ‘The Boiler’.
  4. Carry on up the valley and you will come to a small pumping station that straddles the leat. From now on the path is harder and some rocky scrambling will be required in a couple places, but it is quite ok.
  5. Eventually you will meet the Rattlebrook confluence coming in from the left. There is a large ‘river island’ here.
  6. Follow the Rattlebrook up to Deadlake Foot and then follow this minor stream up a steep slope to the left. At a certain point you will meet a track and you could turn left to follow this. It peters out after a while but is good until then and providing the weather is good it’s easy to walk to the car over the top of this flat hill and straight down the other side. Ger Tor is to the left and Hare Tor up to the right.
  7. An alternative is to follow Dead Lake all the way up and to Hare Tor. It’s a steep walk but there are stunning views from there. Then walk back down towards Ger Tor and then follow same route back as already mentioned. This trip up to Hare will need good weather to make it worthwhile and to avoid ‘geographical embarrassment’..

This whole walk should take around 2-3 hours, but it is one of the best walks on the moor of that length. Don’t do this in reverse unless you’re a bit more confident at scrambling, the section between the pumping station and Rattlebrook foot can be tricky going down the valley.

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