The Dartmoor Sun Circle Walk

Grade:Strenuous Strenuous, 19 km / 11.8 miles, 1 m total ascent

This walk enters the following Military Firing Ranges: Okehampton

Although this is labelled a walk I also see this as being an exceptional run. If timing this I would say the start time begins when you leave the first acknowledge stone circle and finishes when you again return to that same circle. I don’t think it matters which circle you start at! The obvious car parking points are Scorhill (small area for cars at road head) or Batworthy (where there is a small space for a couple of cars near the farm bridge road head) or Fernworthy Forest far end car park (more car spaces but can be closed due to logging/ forestry work). I have estimated this circular run to be approx 12 miles, but have not yet calculated the height gain. The points do not relate to specific objects – it would be interesting to do this route and select nearby rocks or obvious river crossing points etc. that  could act as suitable waypoint markers. Otherwise a GPS is probably essential to do this ‘correctly’.

I have also added 5 Dartmoor 365 items that are on or very close to the circular ‘corridor’ of this walk that could also be collected. They are G12 Fernworthy Forest, H10 Statt’s House, F8 Great Kneeset, D9 Oke Tor, F12 The Teign Tolmen. There are a few other 365 items nearby to this walk but they are beyond the corridor. There are many other ‘Dartefacts’ that could also be visited on route.

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Dartefacts to visit: 28