The Saracen’s Polo

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“Excitement as a new stone circle is discovered on Dartmoor!

Dartmoor National Polo Authority has just announced the discovery of a new stone circle, the first of its kind to be recorded on the moor. “It’s not what’s there, but what’s not, that is most interesting. It’s a fantastic shape and it may well be the much sort after Tavy Hole that went missing many years ago.”

Professor Max Bagge-Pipe of Dartefiction refutes the existence of the stone circle saying that, “If it’s not on my website then it cannot possibly exist.”

P.C. Peter Mary expressed his concern vocally once the discovery had been announced saying, “Wether stone circle or not, it should not be out on the moor. It should follow government advice and stay at home.”

Moves are a foot to dedicate it as a SAM though Major Corringdon-Ball (VC, Gate and Bar), Commandant of Okehampton camp says there is no evidence that it was ever used by the armed forces to attack aerial targets and so status as a SAM would be unjustified at this stage.

Mr Ephraim Pinch of Rock Farm disputes the fact that it is a stone circle at all and describes it as, “Clearly a laughter hole – any idiot can see (through) that!” Though, Flint Stone, a recognised expert on such artefacts and author of ‘An eternity spent on the moor – my life (sentence) in Dartmoor Prison’ disagrees. “This is an extremely interesting find. Artefacts like this are exceedingly rare and especially those with an aperture or ‘holne’ in the centre such as this one has.”

Mr Warren House commented that in his latest book on the history of Dartmoor, “A Life Behind (Bars),” he made mention of a similar item used as a prison toilet seat and as such makes this a find of little value. Dr Wray Barton of Ockerton Court disagrees and describes it as an early 19th Century miol stone used in local water moils for the grinding of corn.

Currently it remains in silent isolation, unvisited by all bar a few local birds. No doubt a time will come when it is recognised for what it is, visitors will return to this sacred spot and it will reclaim the status it once had. It may, after all turn out not be a stone circle after all but just a circle stone. Whatever the outcome it deserves the glory it once had.”

Acknowledgement: Text and Featured Image courtesy of Mr Anthony Francis-Jones, April 1st 2020, During Coronavirus Lockdown Period, Dartmoor 365 – Facebook.

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